​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enhanced quality of life.

Family Friends' Companions pursue meaningful interests and activities for clients, while offering a break to caregivers and loved ones. We manage logistics and ​remove obstacles to getting out of the house or enjoying time at home.

Our companions check in on clients to make sure they have nutritious meals, take medication and have whatever they need to remain safe and

vibrant at home.



  • Personal Shopping
  • ​Meal preparation 
  • Doing for others
  • Family Gatherings


We are Insured & Bonded. Family Friends Boston does not provide physical care. All health and mobility issues must be disclosed prior to service.  We serve the Greater Boston Area.

Reliable transportation 

Our kind, reliable Companions help clients maintain the lifestyle they enjoyed as drivers. We bring them to the hair salon, grocery store, mall or to meet friends for lunch.


thoughtful Transition

Family Friends helps clients adjust to new living  environments & routines. We encourage and participate in social activities.  We also help with logistics like unpacking, labeling belongings, & arranging rooms & apartments to suit individual needs & preferences.​

Family Friends'  Companions transport and accompany clients to medical appointments. We assure that the client and family are well informed of outcomes and next steps. 


We make sure that clients living in their own homes or in assisted living  or nursing homes continue to see family & friends. We help clients host family celebrations, reunions, teas, & bridge games.

Dementia & cognitive support 

Family Friends' Companions help elders with dementia & other cognitive issues by engaging them, providing reassurance, outings (as appropriate and approved by family) & attending medical appointments. If clients live in assisted living or skilled nursing communities, we are regular visitors and participate in programming, develop our own activities, & often advocate for them.

Continuity in elder communities

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6 1 7 - 5 4 4 - 7 7 0 7

​​clients living at home.

Our Companions provide continuity to clients living in nursing homes or assisted living residences. They bring warmth and familiarity to them. They join clients for meals & activities. If approved by family, we take them out for visits to museums, lunch, the hair salon, or to see friends. Our goal is to make it possible for them to maintain routines, relationships while helping them adjust to a different lifestyle.  

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