Imagine a better life for seniors and their families.

               Family Friends Boston

                                       Joy and Purpose for seniors.  Peace of mind for loved ones.


Family Friends  Boston helps make life easier. Our mission is to reduce the loneliness and isolation experienced by too many elders. Whether clients live at home or in a residential community, we provide friendship and warm companionship to enhance their lives.

Our Services

Enhanced quality of life.

Family Friends Boston pursues meaningful interests and activities for clients, while offering a break to caregivers and loved ones. We manage logistics and remove obstacles to getting out of the house or enjoying time at home.

Maintain independence for clients living at home.

Our companions check in on clients to make sure they have nutritious meals, take medication and have whatever they need to remain safe and vibrant at home.

Transition from Independent living.

When someone prepares to move into an assisted living or nursing home residence, Family Friends Boston focuses on easing this challenging transition. We help clients adjust to their new environments, routines, meet friends and participate in social activities. We also help with logistics like unpacking, labeling belongings, and arranging rooms and apartments to suit individual needs and preferences.

Escort to medical appointments.

Family Friends Boston transports and accompanies clients to medical appointments. We work with family and caregivers to identify specific health issues, updated medication lists and insurance cards. Our companions assure that the client and family are well informed of outcomes and next steps.

Reliable transportation.

When someone is no longer able to drive they often fear isolation. Family Friends Boston picks up clients and helps them maintain the lifestyle they enjoyed as drivers. We bring them to the hair salon, grocery store, mall or to meet friends for lunch.

Organize social gatherings.

We make sure that clients living in their own homes or in assisted living  or nursing homes continue to see family and friends. We help clients host family celebrations, reunions, teas, and bridge games.

Home from hospital. 

Family Friends Boston helps ensure a smooth transition from the hospital to home. We oversee the delivery of medical equipment, pick up prescriptions and groceries so that everything that is necessary is already in place when clients are come home.

Delicious, nutritious meals
​​We understand that nutrition needs change as we age. Quality of life and good health are dependent upon eating well. Our culinary expert, Norma Solberg, CCP, creates customized menus that reflect dietary restrictions, allergies and preferences. As a personal chef, she prepares meals using fresh ingredients so that clients have healthy and tasty options at hand.