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    Written by Carolyn Schultz Eggert

   Aging with grace and energy
    She was 78 and always on the move. She didn’t have

    to depend on a fitbit activity tracker to get her going. 

    Her fitness routine kept her relevant and independent.

    She was able to get in and out of a car, play bridge

    and when she had time, take walks with me...

    Read the rest   here.

Nonagenarian Musings

by June Sidran Mandlkern

I was born in 1924.

The great Israeli poet of the same vintage,

Yehuda Amichai, said it was a good year

to be born. He died in 2000 at the age of 76.

I hope he would approve of me.

Introspection is the hallmark of old age:

What shall I do in my remaining years?

What truths can I realize, what footprints

will I leave upon the sands?

Forgive the cliche, it's time to move on.

In one short decade I will be 100.

Shall we make a date for dinner?

which restaurant should we go to?

Pick me up at 7:00.

Don't be late.


If you want to read more, TO THE FAR COUNTRY is available on Amazon.

    Written by Carolyn Schultz Eggert

   Is there a right path to aging well?
   “We have to give Mom credit, she really aged

    successfully.”     I wonder if that is what my kids will

    say when I am gone...Read the rest here.



     Poet June Sidran Mandelkernwrites, 94explores the terrain ahead as we age, and yet she

     has acquired along the way a strong sense of simply being alive.

     Her collection of Poems are published in her book, TO THE FAR COUNTRY. June has

     given us permission to share her passionate words. A reviewer said, "If you think the

     goal of poetry is truth, then you will find it here in a clear, graceful language that all can