written by Carolyn Schultz Eggert

   Aging with grace and energy
    She was 78 and always on the move. She didn’t have

    to depend on a fitbit activity tracker to get her going. 

    Her fitness routine kept her relevant and independent.

    She was able to get in and out of a car, play bridge

    and when she had time, take walks with me...

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Senior Housing Transitions Can Lead to Stigma and Isolation

By Kathryn Doyle
May 18, 2015

(Reuters Health) - In senior housing facilities where residents are required to relocate as heath issues worsen, seniors tend to isolate themselves and may hide health conditions out of fear of relocation, according to a new study.

Transitioning from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing in one place can be disruptive and stressful, as researchers have known for 30 years, the authors write in The Gerontologist, online May 4.

In every facility, the unit with the highest level of care was stigmatized, with residents referring to it with names like "The Twilight Zone," "The Dark Side," "Death Valley," "Sleepy Hollow," or "God's waiting room.

Source: http://bit.ly/1Polm6t
Gerontologist 2015.

    written by Carolyn Schultz Eggert

   Is there a right path to aging well?
   “We have to give Mom credit, she really aged

    successfully.”     I wonder if that is what my kids will

    say when I am gone...Read the rest   here.