We are Insured & Bonded. Family Friends Boston does not provide physical care. All health and mobility issues must be disclosed prior to service.  We serve the Greater Boston Area.

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We are experienced, kind, respectful, understanding, and resourceful.

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     Family Friends Boston's Companions accompany clients to museums,

     attend art classes with them, or come up with creative projects to do together.

We see how Creative Arts improves happiness and increases social connection ...

Dr. Raquel Stephenson of Lesley University has the research to back up the benefits 

The older adults in Dr. Raquel Stephenson’s art therapy session are painting. One non-verbal participant lights up as she experiences the tactile qualities of paint—its smell, touch, and feel. “These visceral interactions with the materials opened up a new path for communication with her,” says Stephenson. “Where Alzheimer’s Disease slammed shut the door of communication, art therapy opened up a new window.” Stephenson wants to embed creative arts into the day-to-day lives of older adults ...“If by improving a person’s sense of happiness and social connection through creative engagement we can reduce isolation anddepression, we may be able to delay significant contact with the healthcare system. That’s money that isn’t being spent,” she says. Https://lesley.edu/article/how-creative-expression-can-benefit-older-adults