Knowing your loved one is happy and life’s necessities

            are taken care of by a trusted and reliable family friend.     

            Family Friends Boston makes this possible thanks to a

            compassionate, patient and reliable team of companions    

            who are dedicated to making life easier for Seniors 

            and their caregivers. 

     Family Friends Boston opens doors to a better quality of life

     for Seniors  and their families. We help Seniors feel relevant,

     engaged and part of the world.            



We are Insured & Bonded.

Family Friends Boston does not provide physical care.

All health and mobility issues must

be disclosed prior to service.

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There is companionship, but one cannot imagine hiring companions who are able to be more loving, attentive, thoughtful, perceptive, professional, and giving than your own family. Family Friends Boston makes that happen. They entered our family with open ears and discretion. They got to know my grandmother and each one of us. They showed up on time on work days and popped in for visits on days off. They brought home cooked food, ran errands, rubbed feet, laughed, cried, colored, shared, and loved. They liased with medical care when necessary and supported our family when times got tough. They showed up alongside hospice at all hours.

They treated my family like their own. We love them like our own. You will not be able to find better care for your loved one and support for you and your family. The only downside? When my grandmother died, we no longer get to be with these angels as they were a companion for her. I cannot say enough about Family Friends Boston.